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Elizabeth Knight and Bruce Richardson introduce you to all things tea in New York City. Handy pocket size for easy traveling!
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The first full-color guide to "all things tea" in the Big Apple. No one knows the city like Elizabeth Knight, writer and tea consultant. She breaks the Five Burroughs into easy-to-find neighborhoods. Lots of maps, color photos by Bruce Richardson, and travel tips to see New York with tea on your mind.

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Tea in the City: New York City
L. Jennings (Kentucky, USA) 6/24/2016 4:12 PM
We used this book on two recent trips to NYC as a guide book for planning 4 different afternoon teas. Excellent!
Worth every penny!
ElenitaB (Brooklyn, NY) 6/24/2016 4:12 PM
I had slight sticker shock and hesitated to buy this book. In fact, when it arrived, I was a bit unhappy with the small size. Having perused this small tome (with a cuppa in hand, of course), I've come to realize that my reservations were in vain. What a great book for the tea lover! This guide is not only informative, but well written. I'll be reading it again and again, and I'm sure that many a happy afternoon will be spent in the City (and here in Brooklyn, too) thanks to Ms. Knight. The only downside is that the fifth NYC borough is not mentioned... sounds like a great opportunity for someone in Staten Island to rise to the occasion for a possible (and hoped for by this reader) 2008 edition.
Take a Tea Trip!
Andrea (Long Island, NY) 6/24/2016 4:11 PM
If you enjoy tea, why not take a tea trip in my hometown, New York? With this book, you can plan out everything. I have found the information provided by Ms. Knight to be accurate and have also learned a few interesting tidbits about tea culture. The excellent photos are worth noting as well. With more and more tea places popping up (and I've noticed a few recently), I hope they plan to put out updated editions. But this is by far the best tea guidebook I've seen, and a necessity for any tea lover who spends time in New York City.
A unique perspective on NYC
Amazon Customer (United States) 6/24/2016 4:11 PM
What I really love about Tea in the City is the breadth and depth of Ms. Knight's profiles, especially when it comes to non-traditional tea rooms. This is the first guide I've seen that really makes an effort to incorporate the newer influx of modern East Asian tea destinations, rather than limiting itself to British and hotel teas (though these are here as well). Although I work in NYC, this guide may inspire me to try some new places in some neighborhoods I haven't visited in a while. I also find this guide more male-friendly than most tea books.
Perfect New York City tea guide
Paula Link (Sayville, NY) 6/24/2016 4:10 PM
This is the perfect guide to tuck in your handbag or pocket when going to New York City. Color coded maps tell you the tea spots available in each area of NYC. Daily hours, phone numbers, subway stops nearby, websites, decor, approximate costs, and description of teas and food are included. This will be in my handbag anytime I take a train into New York City.