The Tea Maestro Pours Out the Wisdom of Tea

MSN says "Bruce Richardson is one of the leading voices in America's Tea Renaissance"

Stay up-to-date with posts by Elmwood Inn Fine Teas' owner Bruce Richardson, author of 14 books on tea and contributing editor for TeaTime magazine. Bruce serves as the Tea Master for the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, and he is a frequent guest speaker at tea events across the globe.

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Tea and Etiquette Certification

Infuse proper dining and social skills into your business

We are the headquarters for TEA & ETIQUETTE certification, developed by Bruce Richardson in collaboration with Dorothea Johnson, founder of the Protocol School of Washington. Over 320 TEA & ETIQUETTE consultants may be found across the United States and eight foreign countries. Using our 400-page manual, graduates learn how tea can be the perfect vehicle for teaching etiquette and dining skills to all ages.

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