Milk Oolong Tea
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Milk Oolong - Taiwan

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Get ready for a rare tea drinking experience! This high mountain rolled oolong delivers hints of buttered popcorn.
Price: Starting at $9.50
Ingredients: Premium oolong tea
Origin: Taiwan
Caffeine Level: Low
Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes. Yields multiple infusions.
Water Temperature: 190°F
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You might think this popular Taiwanese oolong tea was steeped in butter! It's a favorite of many tea drinkers in Taiwan and China.

The Jin Xuan cultivar was developed in the 1980s. It can yield a tea that is both slightly savory and sweet. This treat from the Ali Shan tea district is a great tea to give to your adventurous tea friends who claim they've tasted everything in the tea world.

Steep small amounts at 190 degrees for multiple infusions.

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One of a Kind Tea
Matt Sisk (Lexington) 9/26/2018 8:39 PM
Truly this is a tea experience like no other. How they craft it into tasting so buttery is incredible.
Best of the best!
Kristen (Boston, MA) 1/18/2017 7:31 PM
The second and third steeps were amazing, so buttery! Such a complex lovely flavor, really exceptional! My new favorite!