Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Jasmine Pearls Green TeaJasmine Pearls Green TeaJasmine Pearls Green TeaJasmine Pearls Green TeaJasmine Pearls Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

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Our Best Jasmine Green Tea, this is a beautiful spring-picked and rolled tea with a hint of jasmine. The cup yields an intoxicating aroma that is released throughout the multiple infusions you will enjoy! Steep up to five times.
Price: Starting at $14.95
Ingredients: Premium green tea, jasmine petals
Origin: China
Caffeine Level: Low
Brewing Time: 3 - 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 175°F
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These wonderfully fragrant pearls are magical to watch as they slowly unfurl into beautiful leaf and bud sets. Crafted from spring-picked green tea in Fujian Province, each handcrafted pearl is a rolled set of two tender leaves and a bud which have been placed in the company of fresh jasmine blossoms. Multiple infusions make this rare tea a bargain per cup!

Steep like a tea professional and never use boiling water on green tea. 165-175F is the optimal temperature.

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