Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine Green TeaJasmine Green TeaJasmine Green TeaJasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

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This lightly-oxidized Chinese tea blended with jasmine blossoms has been popular outside China for over 300 years.
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Ingredients: Premium green tea, jasmine flowers
Origin: China
Caffeine Level: Low
Brewing Time: 3 - 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 175°F
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This longtime favorite Chinese tea blended with jasmine blossoms comes from Fujian Province. It's lightly oxidized and easy to drink. This green tea will make a wonderfully fragrant addition to your afternoon tea meal.

Product Reviews

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Delightful tea.
Reader Guy (Sacramento, CA) 8/22/2018 1:16 PM
Great tea. This is a good strong tea with lots of tannin (caffeine).
real jasmine tea
prlittle (United States) 4/27/2016 11:20 AM
Great jasmine fragrance and delicate jasmine taste in a pleasantly astringent tea. Over steeping beyond a few minutes will make it bitter.
Not bad
katogrey (Ohio, United States) 4/27/2016 11:15 AM
Pretty good jasmine green tea. Doesn't get bitter or strong. light jasmine flavor.
lilian boukheir (United States) 4/27/2016 11:13 AM
It is a great jasmine flavor and very nice when iced! I usually brew the tea and then pour it over ice and its so good
A medium strong flavored jasmine tea
Robert G Manley (United States) 4/27/2016 11:11 AM
Good quality leaves that provide a medium strong flavored brew. Still good on the second brew . Does get a slight bitter flavor if over brewed as with any green tea.Overall better than most with a good amount of jasmine flavor.