Gyokuro Green Tea
Gyokuro Green TeaGyokuro Green Tea

Gyokuro Japanese Organic Green Tea - 1.5 oz

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This revered tea is at the top of the Japanese green tea list. Bushes are shade grown for three weeks prior to the spring harvest, which enhances antioxidants and produces a very soft liquor. Tea Master Sakamoto's organic garden is located in Kagoshima.
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Ingredients: Premium organic green tea
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: Two minutes
Water Temperature: 160°F
This organic Wakamusha (young warrior) Gyokuro is grown and harvested in Kagoshima Prefecture, a pristine area surrounded by immense natural beauty and enriched with volcanic soil. Elmwood owner Bruce Richardson recently visited Shuichiro Sakamoto and his incredible garden on the island of Kyushu, where the two were interviewed by Japanese television. Mr Sakamoto is passionate about the soil quality, which is the richest we have seen.

Gyokuro is admired as the highest grade of Japanese green tea. Master Sakamoto uses a unique two-step shading protocol: three weeks before harvest, one layer of shading is placed over the bushes. A week later, a second layer of shading is added which places the tea plants in nearly total darkness for the final two weeks before plucking. At harvest, the leaves are immediately steamed, dried and carefully rolled into distinctive shapes resembling pine needles. Gyokuro is harvested only once a year in the early spring. The delicate flavor and slightly sweet aftertaste make Gyokuro the choice of green-tea connoisseurs. Perfect for cold-steeping! Because it is shade-grown, this tea has the highest concentration of the catechin EGCG, one of the most powerful antioxidants found in plants.

Yields multiple infustions. Great for cold-steeping! Make it a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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