Assam STGFOP Tirupati Estate First Flush

Steeps to a rich liquor with malty notes. Great for breakfast.
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This is an exceptional unblended tea with full body and rounded mouth feel. With over 800 gardens, Assam is one of the largest tea growing regions in the world.  Brew a minute longer and add milk for a delicious, comforting breakfast tea.

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Great tea!
Terry T (Cleveland, TN) 7/26/2013 12:17 PM
Out of the teas I have tried so far from Elmwood Inn, this is by far my favorite black tea. The tea has a very bold and rich dark amber color, and a malty, but clean taste. The tea has a slight astringency to it, which makes the tea all that much better. Add a little bit of sugar, and a very light splash of milk and you have yourself the perfect morning beverage. This tea also makes for a great tea in the afternoon when things start to slow down at the office. All in all this tea is perfect, and I can't wait to order more.