Little Book of Etiquette
Little Book of EtiquetteThe Little Book of EtiquetteThe Little Book of EtiquetteDorothea Johnson

Little Book of Etiquette by Dorothea Johnson

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Don't leave home without this pocket-size book of etiquette essentials. Makes a great graduation gift!
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All the essentials of dining etiquette are condensed into this pocket-size book by Dorothea Johnson, Founder of the Protocol School of Washington. It is the perfect gift for graduation. Don't let your son or daughter leave home without it!

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good for Fine Dining
Elite Manners (United States) 7/7/2016 3:59 PM
I also wanted to ring in on this particular book. While it is small, don't be fooled. It offers a great deal of information on eating out, the do's and don'ts associated with putting your best foot forward, so to speak, and making a good impression when eating out. On the downside, etiquette and manners extend well beyond just the dining experience, so as a 'be all and end all' for all of your etiquette needs, I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, you can zip over to the elite manners website and just take a quick look to see that etiquette covers everything from the way you carry yourself, present yourself, introduce yourself, your choice of language, clothing, and mannerisms. With prom season upon us I just don't want anyone thinking that this book is about 'everything'. It is a VERY good book for eating out properly.
Perfect for young ladies.
Meredith H Schroeter (Griffin, GA) 7/7/2016 3:59 PM
I bought a copy of this book for each of the girls in my scout troop. We're getting ready for a limo ride and a night at a nice restaurant. It makes manners simple and they can throw it in their purse. Also, being a cute miniature books makes them want to read it. It's not overwhelming like a normal size book might be. I do wish it had a section on conversations. I had to download a separate article to cover that.
Etiquette in the size of a tea sandwich
Reader (United States) 7/7/2016 3:58 PM
This very small book is small enough to fit into even an evening clutch. It is a bit bigger than two packs of nice matches. If you want a printed, super-small etiquette book on hand, this is the best choice. I like this book, but it was not quite on target for what I wanted. This book is perfect for business people who want etiquette rules for entertaining. It is directed at a business audience, not for personal, social functions. Fortunately there is enough overlap to still be useful, because this covers all the basics - what to do and not do to with your hands at the table (lesser-known tip: don't touch your head) and what to do and not do with the table setting. It also has a section on navigating specific foods and another section on ordering drinks and what is okay and not okay to talk about at the table. There's also a nice section on toasting, tipping and the duties of the host and the duties of the guest. All in all, it is a useful, concise book on how to behave at table. It is an ideal little gift, but only if the person you are giving it to is not going to misinterpret your gift as a suggestion that they need help with their etiquette.
Great Little Book
Lil (Pittsburg, PA) 7/7/2016 3:57 PM
This little book is filled with a ton of good info, but this book is literally little aprox 3" x 3"
Great little book
Amazon Customer (United States) 7/7/2016 3:57 PM
Great little book! I see other reviewers were not happy that this book was only about eating out. That is correct however, I found this information quite useful. It is indeed a miniature book (a little bigger than a business card) so it would be impossible to make this a detailed book on ALL etiquette. It was very helpful and I like that it fit in my purse so I can take it with me when dinning out and hopefully avoid a mistake. More people need to read books like this. The majority of diners I have seen in upscale restaurants to laid back cafes, eat like slobs. This book will help you to eat and behave properly at the dinner table. Worth every penny!