Jack Jouett: Portrait of an American Hero

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Our newest children's book tells the story of Jack Jouett's heroic ride to warn Thomas Jefferson of the British invasion of Virginia. Told in the voice of Matthew Jouett, one of Kentucky's most famous portrait artists. He was a student of Gilbert Stuart.
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A brave man, a devoted horse, and a daring midnight ride. Those are the exciting ingredients of this true account of an American hero, Captain Jack Jouett. His son Matthew tells this amazing story set in the midst of the Revolutionary War — a conflict that ended in triumph for the United States because of brave souls like Captain Jouett. JACK JOUETT is best remembered for his June 3, 1871 ride to warn Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature of coming British cavalry who had been sent to capture them. Jack and Sally Jouett eventually moved to frontier Kentucky where they built their Federal–style brick home in Woodford County in 1797. They reared 11 surviving children on the property. Jack Jouett was elected to the legislature and helped Kentucky become a state separate from Virginia in 1792. A successful farmer and horse breeder, Jouett earned the respect and friendship of men such as Senator Henry Clay and President Andrew Jackson. The Jouetts’ most famous son, Matthew, became one of Kentucky’s best-known portrait artists of the 19th century. The Jouett home near Versailles, Kentucky, is now a museum.

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