Hawaii Volcano Green - 1 ounce

Totally-new green tea experience you will never forget!
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Tea growers Chiu Leong and Eva Lee grow, hand-harvest and handcraft this rare tea at their 4000 feet elevation garden in the rainforest of Kilauea volcano under a canopy of native Ohia trees and Hapu’u ferns. This tea is gently harvested by plucking the top bud and two leaves, while Eva and Chiu are accompanied by the melodies of the Hawaiian Apapani songbird.

This tea is a pan fired green tea with an exotic aroma and lightly-vegetative flavor. The leaves steep to a pale golden green infusion with a lingering fresh taste. East meets West in this refined green tea reminiscent of signature teas in China that inspire pioneering efforts influenced from elder tea farmer Sen Woo Fang.

This tea is unlike anything you have tasted in the green tea family. It is a truly rare treat to enjoy this one-of-a-kind handmade tea grown in the volcanic soil of the big island.

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