Hawaii Black Hakalau Tea - 1 ounce

ON SALE! A beautiful black tea that looks as exquisite as a white! Limited quantity available.
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John Cross has the oldest tea garden of 20 years in the state of Hawaii that is now in commercial production. “Johnny’s Garden” was established in 1993 in Hakalau on the eastern slopes of Mauna Kea adjoining Kaahakini Stream a perennial spring fed river along the Hamakua coast on the island of Hawaii. The sugar industry had a long history with Hawaii’s agriculture and after operations had ceased John and Kathryn Cross, with their children David and Elizabeth, purchased this land from the sugarcane company.  The name of the farm came from a Steven Stills song of the 1970’s.  Listen to the album “Manasass” and you will find within the song an inspiration for peace, solitude and beauty.

John harvests his leaves (Assamica varietal) and Eva Lee handcrafts them into works of art at her garden. This beautiful curly leaf is filled with golden buds. Any tea this beautiful has to taste good!  Yields multiple infusions.

Limited quantity.

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