Hawaii Makai Black - 1 ounce

A hand-crafted caramel-colored black tea from the slopes of Mauna Kea Volcano.
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John Cross has been growing tea on the big island for 20 years where the soil is particularly suited to tea production because it is both fertile and acidic. The plants are a Cambodian sinensis varietal, which is thought to be a hybrid of the small-leafed Chinese plants and the larger-leafed Assam varietals. John’s Hakalau Tea Garden is on the slopes of the now-dormant Mauna Kea Volcano. It is located at 900 feet above sea level, and you can see the Pacific Ocean while standing amongst the tea bushes. They have become known as Makai Black, because the word Makai is Hawaiian for toward the ocean. After plucking, John's teas are immediately taken to Eva Lee for processing.

This tea’s flavor profile is smooth and refined with no astringency or bitterness even when steep for long periods. A crisp body that yields delicate notes of caramel, barley malt with hints of chocolate and a slight taste of roasted sweet potato. Each sip warms, refreshes and reveals new dimensions of flavor. You can easily get two or more infusions from this beautiful wiry-leaf tea.

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