Earl Grey Black Tea
Earl Grey Black TeaEarl Grey Black TeaEarl Grey Black TeaEarl Grey Black TeaEarl Grey Black TeaEarl Grey

Earl Grey Black Tea

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The world's most famous flavored black tea, delicately balanced with oil of bergamot.
Price: Starting at $9.95
Ingredients: Premium black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavors
Origin: Sri Lanka
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: 3 - 7 minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
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The world's most famous flavored black tea begins with finest handpicked Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe grade tea that is delicately balanced with oil of bergamot. It's the Queen's favorite! The revered tea was named after Charles, the 2nd Earl Grey (1764–1845) who was British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834.

Also available in pyramid sachets.

Product Reviews

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A lovely tea
Warren C Ingersoll (Chicago, IL) 4/27/2016 10:56 AM
I have loved several other teas from Elmwood, and on that basis I bought the Earl Grey. I knew it would be good, but even so I was blown away. Floral, aromatic, balanced, it is a delight.
This is a decent to good Earl Grey
The Electron Wizard (United States) 4/27/2016 10:55 AM
This is a decent to good Earl Grey. Far better than Twinings - the last batch of which was like water with a crayon dipped into it - and all of the supermarket brands. Not perfect because there are hints of some other flavors but good nonetheless. Note: you will need a tea ball.
Very dependable and a great value.
Erin E. Kramer (United States) 4/27/2016 10:54 AM
Tastes like plantation tea! I like the cornflowers in this one. Good citrus aromas, rich taste. Medium brown cuppa. You can use the leaves twice. 1minute for the first steep, and 3 min for the second one. I don't take anything in my tea, but I think this would be nice with a bit of milk, too.
A Fine Earl Gray priced right!
Straight-Talk (Miami, FL) 4/27/2016 10:52 AM
Beautiful aroma, nice re-sealable packaging, excellent flavor, great value compared to buying lesser quantities of tea. This is a quality product.
An interesting take on Earl Grey
MM (Valencia, CA) 4/27/2016 10:50 AM
I am a long time Earl Grey fanatic and daily consumer, and as such, I have had dozens of different renditions of this classic black tea. I very seldom reorder the same one in my neverending search for that EG holy grail. Overall, I find most to be anywhere from dull (Ahmad, Impra) to disgusting (Stash, Bigelow). Some however float above the pack, bringing something special or unexpected to the party. Dammann, Adagio, Numi, Tao of Tea are just a few. This might be one of those teas -- I just can't decide. Details to follow. Elmwood Inn's take on Earl Grey starts out with a quality, whole leaf, single estate Ceylon tea. The quality of the base stands above a vast universe of substandards -- usually bland, old or otherwise pulverized afterthoughts of the tea world. Along with a fine base tea are some beautiful blue cornflowers and those thin gold ribbons that often come with them. A visually attractive Earl Grey to be sure. The scent of this tea is one of those Earl Greys that stand out in a crowd. Bold, pungent aroma of true bergamot and a subtle but noticeable fennel-like essence. I see no indication that any such flavor is included, but I consistently pick it up nonetheless. After looking at and smelling this tea, I found the flavor to be exactly what I was expecting -- a light tea base (due to large leaf) with just enough bergamot flavor to take the driver's seat without completely overpowering the tea. And then there's that fennel-like flavor. Not strong or offensive, but just a bit odd for me in an Earl Grey. At times, I also pick up the slightest floral note -- maybe lavender? But then sometimes I don't. I guess that speaks to the delicacy of the flavor balance in this tea, which in itself is a relatively rare feat in an EG of this boldness. In any case, I do like this tea and consider it to be a fine value for what it is. It's very good both hot or over ice, and almost impossible to make bitter, due to the quality of the base tea.