Darjeeling First Flush, FTGFOP1 Selimbong Estate, DJ14, Organic

This exquisite tea is filled with lots of bright, green notes with a lingering muscatel finish only found in Darjeeling. This Fair Trade Organic tea is a perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated afternoon tea or tea tasting. Only six chests available!
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Darjeeling gardens were hit by a drought this spring which meant production was down 40-60%. But, stressed tea bushes can sometimes yield a superior tea - in much the same way as stressed grape vines produce exceptional wines. That's the case with this Organic Fair Trade tea grown at 6,000 feet on the Indo-Nepal border in the Mirik Valley. On a clear day, you can see Mt Everest from the Selimbong estate. This well-made tea will only get better with time so keep it in a tight container and taste it over a couple of years. Bruce Richardson suggests steeping at 200F (off boil) for 3 minutes; then try a second steeping. We were only able to procure 100kg, so get it while you can!

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